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On my lazy Sunday, my beauty consists of getting out of bed and grabbing what i will like to do as i watch an episode of my current favorite TV show (let me mention Devious Maids omg !). Today is …

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Nails are a part of beauty that i can’t live without. I don’t always show what is on my nails but this changes pretty much often. I’d say that i take a break once a month to let my nails …

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Shopping for beauty is like a therapy, it feels good when you feel bad… And it feels so good when you feel good, just like a reward. I don’t shop for beauty all the time, but every now and then …

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Now this, truly, is my favourite season. Not too hot, not too cold, a bit rainy, but still some beautiful sunny days. And the moment when nails go back to classy, sober, extra feminine with dark plums, browns and other …

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