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Christmas is only 4 days around the corner and the end of the year is running towards us. I feel like i haven’t seen a year go by so fast, it’s incredible. Haven’t done any major Christmas shopping this year …

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Time is flying by like nobody’s business isn’t it? I couldn’t get a post up last week but i really wanted to first of all thank you all again for your messages, notes, comments, tweets on what happened in Paris …

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Let me start the week recap’ by addressing how changing seasons actually equals a change in your body’s behavior right? So i figured there was no better time than this one to start back doing my daily smoothies. I narrowed these …

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This past week was a race against time. Quick trip to Paris, way too quick even to have my trusty Starbucks afternoon but still enough to have an amazing moment on Paris’ rooftops, the view you get when on there …

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