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I would definitely be free of worrying about my next appointment to the hairdresser. I most likely would be good for a light trim every month, as i have seen on a youtuber with gorgeous natural hair. I imagine natural …

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Last time i did curly twist out on mini-me’s hair, it stayed in for about 1 week. Her hair is natural and sometimes so puffy it gets hard to hold culrs. On that special day we were heading out to a birthday party and i asked her if she wanted her hair free… Obvious answer / La dernière fois que j’ai fait des vanilles à ma mini-me, elle les a gardés environ 1 semaine. Ses cheveux sont naturels et bien souvent les boucles ne tiennent pas longtemps. Ce jour là nous avions un anniversaire et je lui ai demandé si elle voulait y aller les cheveux lâchés… Réponse d’une évidence effrayante. Continue Reading →