HAIR ~ Moisturizer : S Curl No Drip 1st impressions

Alright. I don’t even know where to start. A miss. Like a big miss. Why is my hair so DRY?… is the only question i am asking myself !

This thing is called MOISTURIZER ! 1st ingredient = water. Rest of the combo = Glycerin, panthenol, Acetamide MEA (an ingredient that is drawing moisture from the surrounding air)… I at least expect a little moisture. Continue reading

HAIR ~ Creme of nature strengthening & nourishing…

Circumstances: I used this conditioner on hair that was 3 weeks post relaxer, well let’s say on freshly relaxed hair! Because yes my friend Simsim did a great job on this relaxer J

But she did too well, as I am going through some shedding AND breakage lately!! ! I think I left the relaxer too long, so I was in need of a strengthening product but not a hard protein treatment, and this one seemed very good for the job

The Deep conditioning:

Friday night, i was extremely tired and about to go to bed… Then I was just hanging around the house, picking up what my daughter left all around (kids ! lool) and all of a sudden I decided that I wasn’t going to be lazy! I went to pick up the CON nourishing & strengthening conditioner, and applied it from roots to tips on my head.

The product…

…Was extremely surprising: it has a very slippery consistency on its own, and as you all Continue reading