I love to do some very cheap shopping ! lol
1 x year we do have a huge street market, they even block the streets so that no car nor bus can get through the streets…
From hair stuff, to clothes by kitchen supplies and make up, you have every thing ! My girlfriend bought 2 pairs of PUMA for her 2 boys to a very reasonable price : 40 euros !

So here is what i got today
You all know how fond of hair bands i am, but i wasn’t having bright colors, that will match the summer time. So i solved this, lol, i also took a black one but i don’t like the lace part, i will remove that so it stays a satin black one.

I love earrings, to me they build your face structure as well as eyebrows, i can’t go out of my house without either one done ! lol
From those ones my fav are the red ones, and the very last ones, with this pale blue

Ok i got those nails polishes and strengthener, i really love the dark one. Not a deep black, but very intense grey with very fine glitters in it…
Will post some pictures any soon 😉