How comes nobody never told me how magic this conditioner was???
Oh my, i felt in love at first use.

They say :
give split ends the kiss-off! indulge every inch of your long hair in velvety conditioning that gives your length strength against breakage and split ends. my fragrant fusion of red raspberry and satin is a match made in heaven. this romance will last a long, long time.

Use me :
Soak me in all the way down.
my, you’re headstrong. rinse and repeat for good measure.

I say
this was not a lye ! lol, i mean it was so smoothing to my ng, after 1st application !
I did a co-wash with this conditioner, first lathered for a general feeling and i was sooo surprised !
The smell of it is just a trip to red raspberry land, i was conquered !

The 2d lather was even better, cause that time i took the time to wash my scalp really good with it, taking time to massage the product in…
I don’t get it, but when i rinsed it out, trust me ladies, i wasn’t really feeling my 10 weeks pst relaxer ng ! ! !

after using their HE LTR leave-in split end protector and the HE none of your frizzness leave in (i sealed with very little of my oils mix avocado + macadamia) i air dried, tied a scarf on and here was what my hair was looking like the following day

I am just amazed because i love this product ! So far, it gets straigth to 2d position right after my Tresemme vit E. rich moisture, when it comes to my co-wash conditioners
Ladies please give me your feedbacks on this product 😉