Things i used :
– 3 tbs of molasses
– 2 tbs Lustrasil shea butter & mango cholest.
– 3 tbs EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
– 2 tbs honey
– 5 drops of glycerin
– 1 tbs castor oil
– 1 tbs water

I mixed it all in this order, then applied it on my roots with a relaxer brush. Covered with a plastic cap & left sit for at least 1h. Then shampooed it out, deep conditioned with a moisturizing condish (under the heat for 30mns) and rinsed that out.

The results :

Amazing ! ! ! My curls are no longer kinky, i started to flat iron (& my iron broke !) but oh my ! This is better than the coconut & lime treatment i used to do, i will now use this to stretch till 14 weeks post (maybe 16 now)

My hair was soooo soft, specially the ng !

Tonight i went through my regular moisturizing/ sealing in sections, then oiling scalp session with the JBCO (Jamaican black Castor oil)

I am so impressed with this treatment.

Next time : will maybe put less molasses, not sure…