People, this work is exhausting me ! lol, i need some holidays..
I do the minimum to my hair, like DC + wash + leave-ins + air dry. Dot !
This past wednesday i had to do my henna session cause i always do it 2 weeks after my relaxer, and i can’t go without henna-ing my hair 😉

For my henna treatment you guys can check my YT video here

Henna is extreely good to make your hair stronger, and as i texlaxed last time, i was having huge strands of hair coming out
So now it is a little bit better
I try to keep it to very very low manipulation, buns, bantu knots are the only things i do on a regular
I also like flexi rods (check out the vid here
but htese are more manipulation

Oh and people, i have sooo many hair product reviews to come, you guys have to stay tunned, lol