How comes when we go on Holidays and plan to visit this, and this and also this… we never happen to do it all? lol
I walked but still, couldn’t make it all…

I saw a lot of places but also missed some i wanted to go to, like Central park ! ! (oh my, i know ! ! lol), i didn’t went to Soho, or didn’t make it to go on top of the Rockefeller center to take pictures ! ! That’s why i need to go back next year, hahhahahaha
Oh and also i wanted to go to Harlem, and the Bronx etc…
But my trip was goood ladies

Here are some random pictures

Times Square

Had to go give her a shot, that famous Statue (i call her Louisa, don’t ask me why, lol)

Little detour by Chinatown (i had a great chinese diner there)

Little Italy ( there was something like a little fiesta with great food ! lol)

The Rockefeller center
I was too much in the shopping to picture it more, loool

Somewhere between Greenwich Village & East Village (i guess…)

Wall street and the World Trade Center (Ground Zero)

Check out this blog that will have beautifuler pictures… of the trip 🙂