For being so late in updating you guys on my blog !
I am looking forward to keep up the work & the tube & you know, life ! Anyways let me tell you guys what i have been through lately
I am entering my 8th week post relaxer tomorrow & people ! When i say people ! ! I have sooo much new growth, i really don’t know if i will make it till 16 weeks post !


I think i will have to start my 0 manipulation phase earlier ! The hair is soft but so dense it gets hard to detangle, even the co-washes are not that helpful !
When it comes to work, well it is getting wayyy too cold here so i hate waking up the morning to go to take the bus & stuff ! ! arghhh what’s a woman to do…

School is better, i feel like a young girl going back there, lol, even if they are pretty much all younger than i am ! loool
I like to study & write down lessons & learn basically !

Ok time to leave you guys
Miss you already