Ok so all of these were a gift, tks to my galpal Simsim (i heard this in Friends, Rachel saying galpal, lol)… she was very sweet & we had fun walking around in the Indian neighborhood (her favorite place, lol, she’s not even Indian…ok maybe she is, looool)

Anyways, rambling, here is what she got me

– Vatikka coconut oil with lemon & henna

– Queen Helene cocoa butter moisturizing cream

-KTC  100% pure coconut oil

– Zest lemon soap

Ok so the last one was a gift from the seller cause she really went crazy  in his shop, lol, she got a lot of stuff including mine so we had this soap, both of us 😉

Now i always use the KTC coconut oil, specially for my daughter’s hair, her hair drinks this stuff, crazy ! So i restocked this one, but also because i am doing a coconut oil challenge on Hairlista, so i need to have plenty of this oil…

I chose the Vatika because i already have tried the coconut oil, i mean the regular formula of Vatika coconut oil, but this one intrigued me so i went ahead to read the ingredients…  100% natural ! No mineral oil, no paraben, sulfates, all good ! lol

Plus it has henna in it so that’s just going to be my next pre-poo oil, lol

Last the Queen Elisabeth : i tested this body cream a looong time ago in London & i just fell in love, it was great but…i purchased only one 🙁  So when i was back in France i look for it all over the BSS’s and nothing…

until we went in this shop & found it !

She took the big jar for me, i was so happy ! I just looooove the strong cocoa smell it has, and how comes it has mineral oil, parabens etc… all these bad ingredients…yet it moisturizes soooo well??? lol

Whatever, stay tunned for the Vatika coconut oil review in few weeks 😉