Ooookaaayyy ! So this next saturday will mark my 14th week of stretch ! So far…sooooo good ! lol. I don’t play with my hair as it is in cornrows, i just wear mi wiggies, ang i like it ! It is sooo resting ! I mean, i figured out how to hold 10 days without washing and it feels good ! ! !

Cause when the wash day comes, it is like FREEEEDOOM ! lol … Anyways i am dying to get to 16 weeks & get my relaxer, i can’t wait to be able to feel my scalp again ! lol

So as you will ask, lol, here is what i do

– prepare my DC the night before

-apply the mix in the morning

– shower cap or saran wrap, wig cap & bonnet

-i go to work ! lool (yes we can wear cute stylez at work, isn’t that great??!) because ppl, we all have a busy life ! ! but who wants to stay & wake up 1 day with one big dread instead of their hair?? lol, NOT ME ! !

-come back evening, and rinse out DC, co-wash or cleanse with hair one

– towel dry, then apply leave ins, bun & go under hood dryer for 10 mns

– scarf & bed

– Next day evening i will apply my JBCO on my roots, detangle very well, part the hair, moisturize, seal, and cornrow ! I am ready for another 10 days ! lol

Every night i will spritz my moisturizing mix on, moisturize the ends or baggy them if necessary (in the cornrows yes ma’am!)

Now i decided to go in this stretch without henna glosses : these are too much manipulation, so it means i haven’t been henna’ing in the last 4 weeks ! yuuuk ! Another reason why i can’t wait to get the relaxer & start henna’ing back !

Stretching is not an easy way, but LOW / NO MANIPULATIONS helps so well ! At least to me ! And also the mane n’ tail detangler ! ! i need to do a demo video on this stuff, it is just amazing to me ! It really is the knots solution !

Well i guess i see you next video !