Ok i got the one of the greatest Christmas gifts i have ever wanted ! lol
As bf and i weren’t on Christmas evening together, we made our presents on January 🙂 When i opened up the box, like when i opened up my closed eyes for the surprise, i pretended to be just glad… I was like “oh thanks that is nice…thank you…” Just to watch his reaction, lol

But i couldn’t hold it for more than 2 min, lol, i had to scream ! ! I am sooo happy i finally have them !
I was eying these rollers since THE BEGINNING of my hair journey ! I couldn’t find them in NYC (yes i know, weird ! ) So i was so saaad !

Now i can’t wait to relax to get it done ! lol
Just like the kid i am ! I have the best bf ever, lol

Stay tunned for my tuorial to come mid-february 🙂