Thanks so much for all of you that have entered my challenge, i will keep my blog update 1 week (basically every sundays) so that you have a journal of what is happening, feel free to share & comment here how your challenge is going.

So just as a base, here is what my normal hair routine looks like

  • Prepoo / DC overnight 1 x week with Indian products

  • Co-wash or Shampoo hair one conditioner 1 x week
  • Moisturize & seal 1 to 2 x day
  • Baggy ends when ever needed
  • Clarify 1 x month
  • Henna glosses every 4 weeks no matter what
  • Relax every 12 weeks minimum

nunaavane-henna-strong-hair-Now as i am having this challenge, i have to change things a little to get my hair back to normal, & then be able to go back to my regular hair routine, so here is what i am going to do during my breakage shedding routine, and this will last until May the 3rd, end of the challenge !

Every Tuesday Hot Oil Treatment:

4 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Drops Liquid Vitamin E

5 Drops Rosemary Essential – Washout with Diluted Avlon KeraCare Hydrating

Detangling Shampoo

Co-wash with Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End Protector Treatment

Deep Conditioning with Pantene Relaxed & Natural Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask (or Silk

Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment or Elasta QP Dpr-11 Deep Penetrating Conditioner)

Air Dry

Moisturize and Seal (Morning & Night)

Seal with Castor Oil – Moisture with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream

Protective Styles:

Buns, Updos, Twists, Braids, Pieces and Wigs

Henna Gloss: every 4 weeks

And i thank my girl Uniqued bcz she typed this for me, lol, just by watching my video 🙂

Feel free to post your regimens here my loves, we’ll discuss it all the way through…