Tuesday the 9th of March

It’s been a week, my last wash day was Saturday the 6th and i did my henna treatment (click here to watch My henna gloss pt 1)


So after the Henna treatment on this Saturday, i cowashed with my H.E LTR, and i instantly felt my hair stronger, moisturized… But it only last until the next day… 🙁 back to breakage !

Feelings : quite intrigued bcz usually my henna gets my hair stronger and for a good 4 to 5 weeks, so i am not disappointed, i just feel like i still have a lot to learn from my hair…

Back on tracks : Tuesday 9th of March

Hot oil treatment w/ Evoo for 30 mns under hood dryer

On top of that, applied the Pantene Pro-V breakage defense mask for 1 hr (30 mns heat & 30 mns w/o heat)

Light shampoo (diluted shampoo)

Co-wash w/ HE LTR, then applied leave ins

80% air dried then twist-outs w/ shea butter on ends. scarf on & bed

We are now Wednesday night, i moisturized & sealed my hair, i heard no breakage, i had no shed hair… Still on my guards..

That’s what i hate w/ breakage : it freaks me out, cause hair that breaks means length gone ! ! Hair that sheds means new hair to grow eventually, hahahaha

Next episode next week 🙂