Circumstances: I used this conditioner on hair that was 3 weeks post relaxer, well let’s say on freshly relaxed hair! Because yes my friend Simsim did a great job on this relaxer J

But she did too well, as I am going through some shedding AND breakage lately!! ! I think I left the relaxer too long, so I was in need of a strengthening product but not a hard protein treatment, and this one seemed very good for the job

The Deep conditioning:

Friday night, i was extremely tired and about to go to bed… Then I was just hanging around the house, picking up what my daughter left all around (kids ! lool) and all of a sudden I decided that I wasn’t going to be lazy! I went to pick up the CON nourishing & strengthening conditioner, and applied it from roots to tips on my head.

The product…

…Was extremely surprising: it has a very slippery consistency on its own, and as you all know (well you should now if you watch my vids on YT, lol) when ever I have a new product, I use it on its own, no mix, no extra add such as honey or JBCO or essential oil, nothing!

It was almost “hard” meaning difficult to apply on my very straight hair, it think I might like it better on hair that is about 6 to 8 weeks post relaxer, due to this very soft honey-y consistency…

The process:

I slathered the product all over (took me about 5 to 10 mn) and covered my head with some saran wrap. Then I added my DC scarf and went to bed.

The results…

…were beyond my expectations! loool I mean, I got in the shower, rinsed my hair and it was so soft and slippy while rinsing that at first I was afraid that this product was a moisturizing condish and that I was going through a moisture overload! Well not all!!

I rinsed with luke-cold water and then I went ahead with the aphogee 2 min reconstructor : this was my mistake ! Because after I got the entire product out, I felt my hair strong and soft, I should have stopped there, because I saw almost no hair in the tub, compared to what I was seeing since my relaxer…

Anyways, I did the 2 mns reconstructor, and co-washed it out w/ a moisturizing condish (alberto Vo5 moisture milks)

Towel blotted my hair for about 10 to 15 mns then I took the towel out: oh my! Soft and strong hair, but quite hard (if that makes sense)… Next time I will add nothing after the CON, nothing at all!

I roller setted my hair (check the video down below) and after I took the rollers out, my hair was having almost no breakage!


Reasonable price, scent is very mild, does what it says: strengthens & nourishes


Package in the jar makes it hard to manage, consistency is too slip-y


I want to give this product a 4/5 knowing I might change it for a 5/5! It left my hair extremely strong afterwards, and reduced the breakage…

Stay tuned for my update on it