Ok so i love you all so much, i have to share ! Lol, i am finally planning  to go back to London after 5 years off the city of my dreams ! !

I know ! been a while ! i really missed London, i don’t know what it is with this town & i, but we have a serious Love Affair ! loool

So i should be there from Saturday 27 March to late Sunday 28 th ! I hope to get to catch up with my English sisters over there 🙂

I am sooo excited, this is all thanks to my friend Simsim, she is great, we are going to have fun hair-shopping, hahaha, and eating Indian food! We looooove Indian food, so we’ll have a lot of it ! hahahaha

I will def do a video of my trip, sending you all tons of love my lovelies 🙂

Ps : stay tunned for the video 🙂