Towel blotting: I pretty much think we all do that, lol. Towel blotting is when put our towel on our hair to absorb the excess water.

T-shirt drying: the exact same thing but using… an old t-shirt (hey I never said dirty t-shirt, loool)

A lot of people started to use a t-shirt to remove the excess water in their hair as opposed to using a towel because of the material of the towels. They say the cotton in the regular basic t-shirt is mild and thus not rubbing on our hair, making it frizzing, electricity static etc…

My opinion:

I tried both, and yes there is a difference. The t-shirt leaves the hair “softer” than the towel does… But my main concern is the time it takes: soooo long compared to using the towel! Towels are made in a material that is being water absorbent, more than a lot of materials…

T-shirt is absorbing the water…and remains completely wet! Well that what happened to me, lol

Now my question is: unless you are rubbing your head vigorously with the towel, which we all know is BAD! lol, well why risk to catch a cold, and take a longer time to have your hair out of any excessive water?

Cause I tried the t-shirt drying in summer time!!! And I caught a cold!!! Ok so maybe there is something I do wrong, because how comes I never end up with frizzy, static hair when I use my towel?

The answer is: it’s all about preferences! lol, we are all different, what works for you… y’all know the end J