Ok I am not here to hurt anyone’s feelings, and please excuse me if I do so. I do not need a diet; I thank God for the body He gave me, after having a baby, this is just a blessing. I don’t have stretch marks, I don’t have heart problems due to excessive weight, I can eat like a disaster for months before I start to really gain weight. But this became an habit, very bad habit.

The thing is I don’t feel comfortable in this body! I feel over my normal weight, I feel tired when I play with my daughter, I feel exhausted when I have to move stuff in my bedroom…

I am need of a regular exercising routine. So last month I bought myself an elliptical bike that is now standing proudly in my dining room next to my TV, lol…

This month I am getting a fitness ball and I already have a jumping cord. I plan to follow this lady’s videos, Charliejames channel, since I found her, omg! I am addicted to her channel. I have a playlist of the videos I will do in rotation.


One of my best friend & I decided to be the new Sarah Jessica Parkers for 2010! Bets are taken!

This is what i want my body to get close to

(not the same, come on ! not crazy, hahahaha) ———————->

Planning for the 3 first weeks:

Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays: stretching 5 mns, elliptical bike 15mns, and abs 15mns

Tuesdays – Thursdays – Saturdays: stretching 5mns, yoga 20mns, abs & ball 15mns

Main goals:

  • re-define my abs
  • affine my legs specially inside my thighs
  • muscle my arms

General goal:

Have a healthy lanky, rangy silhouette

Following this planning I will end up exercising 2hrs a week! Seems Ridiculous doesn’t it? Well not really if you consider I am looking for a firmer body, not a body-builded body! lol

I am aiming to do 30mns of elliptical bike every day, which is why I plan to go slowly and increase the time of my exercises

If I can slowly go to 30 mns of bike, well I will end up exercising 3h30mns a week! How good is that? Lol

I want to fit in this type of trousers, just soo gorgeous ! ——————>

Now all of this suppose a healthy diet, which will be a whole complete post 🙂