My dear beloved sweet sugar hearted Humecto,

Taking my pen tonight to explain how much I love you! I missed you so much and I am so happy I restocked you on my last trip to London…

Our latest experience was, once again, a blowing out moment! How comes you leave my hair so, so buttery soft?

Could it be the water and glycerine that are your first ingredients?

Or maybe the panthenol, the extracts of nettle, pink, burdock, chamomile, marigold, rosemary, ivy, amica, lime, corn flower, wild chamomile, water-cress, and garlic???

I don’t know… Please tell me…

Anyways, I won’t complain, because as you say, you are here to help me correct and prevent moisture I lose due to exposing my hair to chemicals and thermal styling appliances…

And yes it is so true that you penetrate deep within the hair shaft to hydrate and humectify my hair…

I was so happy I kept the last few drops of my latest bottle until I restock…

You always tell me those superior moisturizing results you provide will help prevent dull, brittle, breaking hair and split ends.

And that’s my only concern with you: I would use you all the time! Risking the moisture overload! Yes I would!!!

People say you are expensive, I say you are quality!! They pay for pricey wines, I pay for moisturized nourished hair!

With your superior detangling properties, for easy wet and dry combing, my hair becomes more manageable and I am always amazed!

You ask me to apply you generously to my freshly shampooed hair.

To Comb through and cover my hair with plastic cap. To leave you on, for 15-20 minutes.

I can’t do that!!

I need you for an overnight treatment!

Yes you have reached my heart; yes you belong to the very honoured products that I call MY STAPLES!

I love you and I hope I’ll love your new formula

With love

Sincerely yours,