I get that asked soooo many times and that it is just crazy, lol, because I am not even where I want to be when it comes to my ultimate hair goal! Look at my ends, they need to be trimmed but ppl still ask me…

“Nunaa how did you got your hair to grow so long?” …

Now first my hair is not long (according to haterz I get on my youtube channel, anyways, lol), but my hair is DEFINITELY longer than ANYTHING I have ever dreamt of!!! Thank you Lord !

Tks to all of you that are liking my hair & progresses btw, lol

Then to my opinion, and I explain it live in this video here, it is not about:

* Products
* Being mixed race (how stupid…pfff)
* Miracle growth aids
* Being lucky
* Etc….

It is all about

* RETAINING your length!
* TAKING GOOD CARE of your hair!
* Finding what works FOR YOU!!!!!

It took me about 3 to 6 months to understand that my hair was not protein best friend! lol, then another 6 months to realize my hair LOVES ME to LEAVE IT ALONE ! looool

But it only took 1 month for me to understand that my hair was deeply crazily in love with DEEP CONDITIONING!!!

So I have no miracle equation to give you, I am sorry,

I have no miracle products to advise, sorry…

I can only do what I do : share what worked FOR ME, and telling you all that WHAT WORKS 4 me…MAY NOT WORK 4 you 🙁 and I regret it

You have to learn YOUR hair; you have to listen to YOUR hair needs; you have to treat YOUR hair with good care!

I get a lot of women (& men believe it or not) that are asking me to help them, and I ALWAYS ANSWER! God gave me that strength, I will do it until He stops me, lol, but to help you, I have to learn more!

That’s why I very often ask

* What is your hair type?
* What are the products you use?
* How do you treat your hair internally?
* How often do you wash, condition?
* How do you protect your hair? (if you do so???)

Because I can’t help if I have only that type of message “Nunaa my hair is breaking please help me…”

I want to help but I can’t do so if you don’t provide enough infos…

So yeah growing hair is a personal story…

And please don’t tell me hair doesn’t grow, Everybody’s hair is growing (just like teeth grew, nails, average length etc…), your question should be HOW DO I RETAIN MY LENGTH?? lol

Answer very soon in another post 🙂