Ok so since i relaxed (may the 7th) my hair is doing pretty good, the BSC (breakage shedding challenge) helped a lot, and relaxing with Affirm was a great experience…

I don’t know if i would do it again though… So far i am extra busy with school, i have NO time to DC x 2 week, so i am KIS ! lol (keeping it simple)

Simsim & i decided to simplify our products, we have a looot, so for few months we will use just some products, putting the rest aside for later in the year !

My hair routine will not change, well let’s say i am just not doing the mid-week wash, watch the vid here

Plus summer is approaching so things are a little bit different with the weather…so here are the stuff i will use

Deep conditioners :

Lustrasilk shea butter & mango

Elasta Qp Dpr11

Leave-ins :

Aphogee keratin & green tea

Herbal essence LTR

Moisturizer :

Neutrogena triple silk touch

Oils :

Free ! lol, just choosing, but lately i am using the Gleau, review to come soon 🙂

Co-washes :

Back to my Tresemme vit E rich moisture, just in case i feel like co-washing in the middle of the week, or if the weather is too hot ! lol

Now we haven’t mentioned the proteins, but i guess i will rotate between 2 conditioners for protein days
Protein conditioners :

ORS replenishing pak or Joico K-Pak GVP

Even if i am simplifying my regimen, my hair routine will remain the same 🙂