I am still on my way to have full BSL at the end of 2010, not so far from my goal….

This picture was taken with the DC on and hair not detangled…

Being busy was a battle for me to keep it up with my hair lately… So last week end i went ahead and did a caramel treatment ! Wow ! I forgot how these were good !

My new growth is so soft & supple it’s just a joke ! For this one i have used Bronzeg recipe, not my recipe bcz you know i love to test out new things, lol, check out here video  here

So i used the EXACT same measurements as shown in her video

– molasses

– olive oil

– lustrasilk shea butter conditioner

– alberto VO5 moisture milks

– avocado/macadamia oil

Applied it from roots to tips, deep conditioned with a shower cap for 2 hours, rinsed thoroughly & co-washed with Tresemme vit E rich moisture.

Then i did a black tea final rinse & towel blotted with the black tea in, i DON’T RINSE THE BLACK TEA OUT !

after that,  i deep conditioned & i can’t remember what conditioner i used….

Anyway after i rinsed the whole thing, i applied my leave-ins, de tangled on 80% air dried hair, and went to bed with my hair in 4 plaits & a scarf tied on (i really don’t like plaits but it seems to work for preventing from breakage & stuff)

In the morning, omg ! ! Soft, manageable hair, NG WAS TAMED like craaaazy ! ! Looked like i was only 3 weeks post, hahahaha, instead of the almost 9 weeks post i currently am…

I plan to do it every week after i move until my relaxer early august 🙂

Saty tunned my loves….