Basically, “co-washing” means “conditioner” washing ! You are literally washing your hair with conditioner only ! No shampoo here, the product you use is usually a cheap conditioner, you “lather” if i can say that 1x or 2x even more depending on your hair state, then you rinse !

Rinsing is better with cold water, like the very final rinse should be done with cold water !

This will help close your cuticles ! The water remains in your hair, keeping it moisturized ! [that’s were i like to do my last rinse with black tea, cold of course]

Co-washing is a way to  condition your hair without shampooing on one of your wash days = you will avoid excessive drying especially if you are used to use a sulphate containing shampoo on a normal basis.

The technique :

You simply have to wet the hair thoroughly and work conditioner in as you would a shampoo, it won’t lather though! Then you rinse out thoroughly !

My way :

I co-wash more in summer time, because it is hot outside, and i know my hair can be dry in less than 1 hour ! It also keeps my hair & new growth very soft. I get in the shower, wet my hair for 2 to 3 minutes and slather the conditioner i chose on my hair, roots & length ! Do that 1x or 2x & i am done ! 2d time i will wait and keep it on my hair 
for 2 to 3 mns, I rinse & get off !

Time : 5 mins max !

My products : In order of preference

1) Tresemme vit E rich moisture conditioner

2) Herbal Essences Long Term Relationships (red bottle)

3) Alberto V05 conditioners

What i HEARD is good : But never tested myself for co-washes !

Aussie moist


Creme of Nature nourishing conditioner

Giovanni smooth as silk

My Frequency :

Summer time, i will co-wash maybe every 2 or 3 days, and i deep condition on Saturdays

Optionnal : Very often, i will do a quick co-washing action right after my deep conditioning day, specially if i use a protein product, because you always want to bring moisture back in your hair after protein…

Well if you are protein sensitive like me 🙂