Ok so i get a lot of questions about the different oils i use for my hair care, and what are each oils designed for or what i use them for.

The use of hair oils  provides hair nutrients to the sebaceous glands and promotes hair growth.  I will quickly mention some of the hair oils, which have all been found to be helpful in the maintenance and conditioning of hair:

Jojoba oil : This is  very good as a scalp moisturizer which helps rebalance the sebum, resulting to a healthier and better hair texture. It does an amazing job of oil deep cleansing heavy build that build up around the root and cause a lot of hair growth problems including slow hair growth and even thinning.

My opinion : I really don’t like the smell of this oil, can’t get over it !  Greasy, stands on my hair, blarrgh ! I heard sooo many good stuff that i had to mention it here though…

Note : 1/5

Argan oil : is also called Moroccan oil. The best moisturizing oil for your hair and scalp and it is light! It is loaded with omega 3’s and has been the oil of queens as many of the royal families swear by the power of this oil for healthy scalp and hair. It cuts down drying time by over 30% meaning less exposure to heat and of course less damage.

My opinion : I love it ! Everything, from non greasy feeling, to nourishing properties, to sealing use, i just love it ! BUT very pricey when you want to get the 100% pure one

Note : 4.5/5

Emu oil : this ‘wonder oil’ is used for so many hair and skin problems that it has become the leading scalp and hair oil. Its healing properties and hair growth properties are great. It is a little heavier than the other two oils.

My opinion : I NEVER used it personally, so i really am willing to get the chance to test it one day

Note : can’t say

Olive oil : Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair, this oil is stress-reducing and health-promoting. It’s an ancient, well kept beauty secret, and its use will result in healthier, softer and more manageable shiny hair. When used on hair and scalp, olive oil can be considered to be two products at the same time: a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller.

My opinion : I really haven’t seen any improvement in my hair after using it the 3 first months of my HJ… i don’t know, maybe it’s just not for my hair

Note : 1/5

Shikakai oil : Love ! love & love ! I am currently doing an overnight pre-poo with it, while i am typing ! lol. This oil is known for its natural cleansing and non-greasy properties. Shikakai oil application combats the build up of sebum on scalp, to help hair grow beautiful and healthy.

My opinion : Pure love, i saw my hair change by using it on a regular basis (pre-pooing 1 x week during about 6 months) so i trust it !

Note : 4.5/5 just because it has mineral oil in it

Now i have a looot more oils i own, but i just wanted to let you know that we can pretty much use all the carrier oils out there on the market, from Almond oil, Avocado oil, Macadamia oil to Grape seed oil (i like this one for it being extra light)…