Basically, “pre-pooing” is a short cut for “preparing to shampoo” or “before shampooing” …well it is the step right before you go ahead and start shampooing your hair…

Being a pre-shampoo treatment, you apply it  to the hair and/or scalp, leave it on for a period of time and then shampoo it  out. Some people like to apply oils  (Olive, jojoba, coconut etc….),  conditioners or some combination of the two.

You can prepare your hair to the shampoo by leaving your “pre-poo” on your hair from 15 mns long, to overnight ! It really depends on the person, the hair, the time you have…

Just keep in mind that the “pre-shampoo” treatment is supposed to be washed out of your hair, that’s how it help protect the hair from the harsh shampooing process.

The technique : You apply your mix on your hair, usually from roots to tips, then you can either put a shower cap on, and just go for your regular house stuff, lol. Or you can place a warm towel on top, leave it on for the desire amount of time. Some people also go under the hood dryer to pre-poo with heat ! That’s a great way to open your cuticles for the treatment that will follow …

My way : I usually pre-poo overnight, i have the feeling that my hair gets all the benefits from the treatment the more i leave it on. My favorite product to pre-poo is using oils, either one oil or a mix of various oils. I also love to add drops of essentials oils that will activate blood flow for example, or just add a flavored scent.

I tie my hair with a scarf & go to bed.

If  i am lazy, i will pre-poo for only 30 mns & then get in the shower to co-wash it out.

Check the blog post on what co-washing is here

I don’t use conditioner to pre-poo. When i do, i call it a deep conditioner, as i sleep overnight with it. It’s a long conditioning treatment.

My products : In order of preference

Shikakai oil

Avocado + Macadamia oils mix

Brahmi/Amla oils mix

What i heard is good : But never tested personally so do your researches

Jojoba oil

Olive oil

Sweet almond oil

Castor oil

My frequency : i usually pre-poo on Friday, before my wash days, which is Saturday. Now this is not ALWAYS the case, i can be tired, not wanting to do the pre-poo, i can be out of home, so i am giving you general rule, not to the T.

Every week is different, so i also do it depending on my mood 🙂

Next post is co-washing so stay tunned