In the past, i went from weaving constantly to box braiding 24/7 ! So i believe at a point i ruined my edges  capital of growth !

Now i started my HJ (Hair Journey) in 2008, and in the first 2 years, i have tested 3 main products. I want to give you quite a complete review of each one, what i think, what i went through, hoping it will help you grow your edges out. This way all the ladies & gents (yes some men experiment edges issues too) in this situation can relate and do their choice !

Get yourself something to drink, this is going to be an informative post 😉

JBCO (also known as Jamaican Black Castor Oil)

Ok so this is what we can call a carrier oil, castor oil is well known for its properties to improve hair growth & thickness !

Properties : moisturizing, heavy, improves hair growth, naturally-produced vegetable oil make it ideal for use as a hot oil treatment for dry damaged hair & scalp.

This oil works to coat the hair shaft and smooth the cuticle layer, sealing in moisture and leaving the hair feeling soft and silky. It is more easily absorbed by the hair, allowing for deeper penetration into the hair shaft.

Pros : i really saw my hair length thicken up in 3 months of very regular use ! My ng was left soft, manageable, growing back smoothly than my usual ng, gets absorbed quickly, moisturizing product

Cons : Heavy, quite greasy

Edges impression : we got this one on an average of 1 x day, morning or night = we poor edges were growing back slowly, getting thicker, but in 6 months Nunaa was more than impatient to see more growth, pfff women !

(Ridiculous considering it took me YEARS to ruin my edges, hahahaha)

Note : 3.5/5

So she went to another product…


Megatek Coat Rebuilder

Originally designed for horses, YES I SAID HORSES, lol, this product was then reformulated for human hair bcz of how great it was working in growth !

They say : Strengthens without the use of synthetic polymers, oils, or petroleum based products. Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin to penetrate through all three layers of the hair shaft

Keep in mind : Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin ! ! ! !

Now this is the main thing that ruined my experience with the Megatek ! My hair is protein sensitive ! Ok so maybe 2 to 3 x week was too much ! But even after i went back to 1 x week i saw spots (check out my video results on 3 months of Megatek challenge here)

Pros : After only 1 month of use i saw significant improvement ! More than in 2 months of JBCO ! I was like “…can this be for real?…” It smells like yummy coconut cream, i wanted to eat some every use ! Thick consistency, applies quite easy, white texture melts quickly in hair…

Cons : PROTEIN is too concentrated for ME ! Leaves some kind of a greasy feeling

Edges impression : we were getting this product about 2 x week the first month, and then 3 x week the 2d (if our memory is still having battery) then she started to see spots ! hahahaha, so she slowed down to 1 x week, but Nunaa brutally stopped using it, it was ruining her ego watching thin edges WITH spots every morning ! hahahaha

Note : 4/5 ! Yes, because it worked, but the use was improper !

And guess what? She went to another product after about 4 months of pause 🙂

Nioxin Follicle Booster

This is an intensive specialized leave-in scalp treatment for anyone experiencing areas of excessively thin-looking hair and a low-density hairline.

Nioxin is using a unique and proprietary NIOXIN technology – Scalp Respiratory Complex (SRC) that improves  scalp cell activity and greater protection from damaging free radicals.

The Follicle Booster helps to repair and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals (environmental pollutants), which helps to create the optimum scalp environment.

Keep in mind : helps to create the optimum scalp environment.

Do the maths : Aqua/Eau/Water + Hydrolyzed Algin + Pantothenic Acid + Ginkgo Biloba = my hair saviors !

Ok so yes it is a protein based product, BUT ingredient n°1 remains WATER ! So my hair was feeling it more ! ha ha !

Pros : Light, ok let me re-phrase, extra-light ! ! Just like water ! Pump bottle ! Keeps the product bacteria free ! Good smelling, nothing too fancy-sugary-yummy but ok ! Packaging is extra simple & efficient to ME !

Cons : hummm….still looking for any !

Edges impression : ok so this one was leaving us BREATHE ! being light, we, lucky edges, were being placed in a good environment to grow ! Just a little dryness, but as Nunaa was usually moisturizing right after or at night before bed, we were doing GOOD ! ! Used 2x day in the first 2 months, she then slowed down to 1 x day, then every 2 to 3 days ! Edges were appreciating 🙂

Note : 7/5 ! !

For the moment, just DA BOMB ! Thanks to the trip to NYC 🙂

Now guess what? It’s been a year ! She doesn’t plan to change her edges treatment !

WINNER : NIOXIN ! No contest ! Check out the video 1 year update here

Special ovation to the reader that arrived to the end 🙂 I want you to tell me now what is your tip to grow out your edges?