Ok so i get that asked a loooooot ! lol, “Do you keep on doing your henna glosses?” The answer is yes people ! I just did one friday night, on the 26th, left it overnight, and then co-washed it out in the morning with a HE conditioner…

The thing here is : i was sooooo LAZY, i didn’t DC with a moisturizing conditioner ! Smh on me, lol, BUT ! it wasn’t that bad afterwards…. Won’t do it again tho ! lool

So here is my henna planning if ever you want to get an idea

24 Sept 2010

22 Oct 2010

19 Nov 2010

17 Dec 2010

14 Jan 2010

Now, if ever i have my relaxer date falling on one of these days, well i will just skip the henna treatment, then i will catch up next time or i wait 2 weeks after & re-do the planning 🙂