This is what i was doing in the very beginning, from august 2008 to basically Déc 2008 ! Then late November i incorporated the indian products 🙂


WEEKLY : (alternate Keracare and Aphogee every week)
Pre-poo treatment with avocado, amla oil Evoo, coconut oil and an egg / or pre poo with only oils
Shampoo with Keracare / Aphogee
DC with Keracare Humecto (always !)
Roller set with ORS wrap set, a little amla oil and phytospecific serum
or roller set w/ my
after wash products

Before bed, i protect my ends with phytospecific serum or a little moisturizer, generally ORS olive oil. Seal w/ amla oil (or coconut oil) and wrap
In the morning undo the wrap and spray some ORS sheen spray or Pink hair glosser

Then i style


KeraCare Dry & Itchy scalp shampoo (new !)

KeraCare Hydrating detangling shampoo
Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair
Organic Root Salon shampoo

KeraCare Humecto

Aphogee 2 min reconstructor (new !)
Organic roots Stimulator Hair mayo
Phytospecific Intense nutrition mask
Dark & lovely UltraCholesterol (every 6weeks)

Treatments (will do 1 week before relaxer and pre-poo w/ garlic system)
Aphogee 2 step protein treatment (new !)
Aphogee balancing moisturizer

Chi silk fusion

Phytospecific Integral hair care with hordeum

Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil

Organic Root Stimulator Carrot oil
Softsheen Carson Optimum Opti creme

Coconut oil

Jasmin oil (new !)
Dabur Amla oil
Shea butter
Doo Gro stimulating oil (for front hair loss !)

After wash products
Aphogee Keratin and green tea restructurizer

Aphogee Leave in condition
Organic Root Stimulator wrap set mouss
Chi silk fusion

Organic root Stimulator Olive oil sheen spray

More then 2 years ago i was living in Paris, going every 2 weeks to the hairdresser and relaxing every 8 weeks.
I moved and everything changed : lack of good salons. Got used to try to go as long as my hair would handle…and always went to breakage ! ! ! (sometimes 12-14 weeks w/o hair care ! !)
I will try to relax every 10 weeks, good compromise i think!

1°) better ends (already?? lol)
2°) stronger hair,
3°) less breakage while washing and styling (using so good garlic system!)
4°) thicker edges
5°) longer length (SL)

I would like to achieve at least 2, 3 and 4 for 09/01/2009 !

Aphogee treatment for damaged hair
Keracare 1st Lather shampoo
Castor oil
, Vatikka frosting oil
Dr Hauschka’s neem oil
Good relaxer for my first self-relaxing (Phytospecific, Mizani or ORS Olive oil)