Basically (now you know that posts starting by basically will browse the basics, don’t you? lol) stretching means to STRETCH, elongate, the time between 2 relaxers. If you are relaxing on an average period of every 2 month (8 weeks) well STRETCHING would be here go to 10 or 12 weeks (3 months).

You can stretch your relaxers from 1 or 2 weeks more to 3 to 6 months after, some ladies even wait 1 year before doing their next relaxer…

Now i got this requested sooo many times lately i am here to give you My opinion on it….

The technique :


1°) Some like to keep their hair in braids for the next month, so that they will only wash 2 x month.

2°) Some women will just keep it on with their regular routine & put the hair 24/7 in a bun ! LOW MANIPULATION !

3°) In some cases, using some techniques will keep the ng moisturized & manageable (Coconut & lime relaxer, check out the video here, or Caramel treatment, video is here)

4°) Some will wear protective styles such as lace fronts, wigs, weaves etc… This is where i am !

My way : check out the complete video here

But just to sum it up, i will deep condition & do my wash day as usual, but there i will cornrow my hair in 5 or 6, then i will keep that on for 2 weeks !

Now every day i will wear a wig cap & a wig, take it down before bed, spritz my hair with a spritz moisturizer (water + glycerine or else)

Then after the 2 weeks i take the braids down, wash my hair & do the same for another 2 weeks ! And here i have  stretched for another month !

My products :

Now you have to know your hair, i know that mines get tangled very bad after 9 to 10 weeks post ! So my best friends are

1- Mane n’ Tail the detangler

2- Castor oil for nourished ng

3- Over night deep conditioning sessions (not a product but hey! lol)

What i heard is good : but never tested personally

1. S-curl no drip moisturizer (i have to give a go to this one…argghhh, said i won’t purchase any new thing)

2. pre-poo with coconut oil (i feel like i have tested that be4…weird)

3. Silken child detangler

4. Hawaiian silky 14 n 1 (i own this one but only used it on my baby’s hair)

5. BioInfusion Olive Oil Hair Moisturizer

My frequency :

Ok so my hair can go ahead and be good until 12 weeks post relaxer ! PAST that delay ! Man ! Things start to be like a whole movie, lol, that is where my wigs come in action ! Because they help me change face & look, they are resting my hair = while i wear the wig, MY own hair underneath is growing nicely !

So i would say i stretch from 12 to 16 weeks (that is my MAXIMUM !)

But i prefer to relax from 12 to 14 weeks, i know i won’t get too much damage or so tangles

Don’t ask me how to stretch for more than 16 weeks, i personally ADMIRE ladies doing soo, lool

Pros : Will help you get stronger hair, thickens up your ng, protects your hair from the frequent chemicals

Cons : When not done correctly, can lead to severe breakage and/or shedding, can get the ng severely tangled etc…

EXTRA TIP : if ever you have a steamer (even a hooded dryer will do), then start to deep condition under it when you reach the moment where it starts to be hard to stretch, your ng will absorb all the moisture & remain soft & nourished !