…We tend to get closer to the Lord when things aren’t going the way we would like them to go? Or just aren’t what we expect, want, wish? I find this attitude offensing, i am mad at me right now, because i try my best everyday to be close to Him, but i AM closer when my life is crashing…

When i am doing pretty fine, i am thanking Him, but i am not that close ! I know it, cause when things seems to be tearing towards you, you turn around and you find no friends, no family, no stranger that can lift you up like He can !

His Word is faithful and not changing, i have been through soooooooo many storms ! And His promises are still the same ! How great is that? A friend will not be there forever, friends can go, move places, stop loving you, die… He is there.

You can argue with family memebers, stop loving them, move places, witness them stopping loving you, or just die, He still is there !

I miss one of the greatest member of my family, the woman that raised me up, my grand-mother, she is now with His angels, i know it for SO SURE ! Still, He is there with me !

God i adore you.