At first i planned to relax on November the 19th ! But i just can’t ! I feel like my hair is growing like weed, and it is curling around itself ! The thing is my hair handles the stretch until 12 weeks, i can def go there with ease !

but then comes the excessive shedding : i haven’t mastered the 13th, 14th & more weeks !

So here we are, 1 weeks from me hiting the 12 weeks post relaxer ! And i am so hesitating… What do you think? What do you suggest?

My main issue is keeping the ng moisturized, so what i do is spritz my braids every night with a mix i made (following Traycee’s recipe here)

And i keep the braids for 2 weeks, then DC with a moisturizing conditioner. And rebraid after the wash, air dried hair. Then i just wear my wigs… I think i will do my first quick weave so that i keep my mind on something else, lol

Help lovely readers… 🙂