I can’t stress enough the importance of cleansing our face before bed ! I am choosing this moment of our day because to me, it’s the most important ! After the entire stress of the day, pollution, make-up, sweat, rain etc… our skin is in the worst state ! We can’t see it of course, but our pores come clog up by all this dirt !

Steps to make sure our skin is going to sleep in a silky wrap 🙂

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you cleanse your face, or you will be working dirt into facial skin. Use a headband to secure hair away from the face.
  • Always cleanse with tepid water. Hot water dries and damages skin over time, and cold water won’t dissolve and take away embedded dirt and grime as well as lukewarm water.
  • Start by splashing tepid water on your face and neck.
  • Choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. Some soaps on facial skin can be too harsh and drying and damage skin over time. A too-rich cleanser can clog pores, while a too-dry cleanser can irritate the skin. A cleanser for dry skin should contain nourishing herbs and oils. One for oily skin should include herbs that balance oil production and support clarity. Sensitive skin benefits from an ultra-gentle, fragrance-free, non-irritating cleanser.
  • If you use sponges or washcloths, make sure they are clean and soft. They are not necessary for effective cleansing: your fingertips can do just as good a job.
  • Apply the cleanser with your fingertips or a soft sponge, using gentle circular massaging strokes and moving upward on the face and neck. Do not scrub too much…gentle massaging strokes are enough to help improve circulation as well as loosen grime and old surface skin cells. Too much scrubbing will stretch skin and irritate it, especially the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Rinse with lots of tepid/cold water. Don’t forget to rinse off cleanser from the neck and hairline. Cleanser residue can clog pores and attract dirt.
  • Gently blot off excess water with a soft towel. I personally prefer using clean tissues. Do not scrub dry or drag towel along skin.
  • Follow immediately with a water-based toner and a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type to seal in surface moisture and offer nourishment when skin is receptive. Personally, i don’t moisturize my skin before bed cause i get very oily & i get pimples but it’s all up to your skin 🙂