I want to go back to relax every 8 weeks ! I mean, when i see hair like BuidableBeauty’s or Megz… They are not relaxing for more than every 10 weeks, and the hair is flowing !

Now i know i won’t go back to relaxing that often, because it made my hair think back in the days, and even if i have a lot more knowledge than back then…i don’t feel like !

But i would love to be able to do so ! The thing is i want thickness over length, so i know that on my relaxer in January, i ‘ll get a GOOD trim from my hair stylist & i’ll cry, of course, lol, cause i hate trims, but heyyy… My hair will look cute & helthier after that

I might get layers, i am not sure yet…

What do you think? How often do you ladies relax?