Now for those of you that don’t know her, and i know there aren’t a lot, lol, i am like attracted to her !

She has a lot : a beautiful body, legs like crazily firm, gorgeous cute face, and a delicious voice.

Lately i am in love with her song “She ain’t me” from her album In a Perfect World

I also love her collaborations, such as

  • Return the favor (Timbaland),
  • Superhuman (Chris Brown),
  • Hold my hand (Sean Paul),
  • Hey now (Xzibit),
  • The Way i Are (Timbaland)
  • etc…

Her voice is suave and she brings a little extra to every duos she does, she makes me feel good when she sings…

I guess i have a something for Keri Hilson’s voice 🙂