I am a Twitter addict, and i follow Tyrese ! When i saw he was about to share the cover of his book, i was so excited ! Of course i clicked the link & the image was just what i think of the man he is : confident, sure, calm, nice, (handsome ! of cooourse, lol) and i find him a little impertinent ! Which i just love ! loool

The book will out there in our bookshops in June th 1st, but i know i’ll def get it ! He is one of the persons’ tweets i prefer, because of his faith in God, and his confidence in getting out there and fight for what you want !

Here is one of my fav tweets he wrote : “If I had ur life Tyrese I would say God is good too”. Nope! You have to Celebrate God even when things are rough and ask him for DIRECTION

Here is the link to his twitter, he is def edifying ! Will write a review of the book after i read it of course, hahaha