Shea butter provides natural ultraviolet sun protection and absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Known for its skin softening effect, it is also used in hair conditioners to add and maintain moisture in dry brittle hair, in addition to retaining softness and preventing breakage.

This is MY best friend for winter time ! I use it for pretty much anything : hair, hands, lips, knees, let’s just say body, lol, moisturizer etc… It is one of the thickest product you can find as it solidifies like butter. But when melted or in its liquid form, it gets easier to apply ! Now don’t be scared, the solid form only needs you to be warmed up in between your hands & it instantly melts lol

I love shea butter, i grew with this oil, it is applied on our new born babies, for long massages before bathing them… It is also a GREAT, wonderful protection against stretch marks if you are pregnant…

I bought the one you see here in picture on, and so far SO VERY GOOD ! Be on the look for the review 🙂

Now i want to know who is going to be your best friend for this winter? 🙂

WARNING ! ! Some people hate the smell of this stuff, but i GREW UP with it, to me it smells like back home, lol, i really don’t bother, but if you don’t like strong smells, try to whip it with some flavored essential oil, check out vid here