Couldn’t post this yesterday, cause i just slept WAY after noon ! ! Hahhahaha, i woke up & the morning was no longer there, lmao, so yeah… This is what my mornings look like…

I just NEVER find time to have breakfast in the morning ! Hahahaha, i mean…i always push the moment of leaving my bed, my alarm clock must be hating me ! So i always run to get my breakfast before i get 2 work, then i have a nice warm coffee & delicatessen (only moments i don’t is if i am on a diet)

That’s one of the things i LOVE with France, they have the best, no let me rephrase, THE BEST Viennese pastries in the WORLD ! Yeaaaah ! I said it ! So what?? lool 🙂

So what about your mornings??