This picture means FUTURE for me… It really inspires me because i wish the world’s mind & mentalities would change..

I dream of a world were there would be no barriers,

I dream of a world where my mixed raced girl would have no issues looking for a job with how her last name sounds

I am being inspired when i see in my baby’s school all of these kids that play together no matter their color

I just can’t imagine how the world will end if we continue the way we do

I know our future holds a lot of changes, bad and good

I believe God has a lot for us, and i truly hope we as human beings will make a 360° turn around

What inspires me is believing that these kids that were used to play & fuss & fight & love & be best friends

With other kids different from their selves

These kids will one day make the difference

Now tell me… What inspires you?