Ok ! Hold hold on ! All of that buzz around this video ! loool, first i have to say it took me about 5 mns to get to actually WATCH the video ! Ppl ! ! Chill out ! The only thing that might be shocking (FOR AN ADULT) here might be the lyrics ! But even like that !

Remember Foxy Brown? Lil Kim back in da dayz?? Or even closer, Chingy’s Right thurr? I mean, is it because she is a woman? We had these negative image of women, we are somewhat used to it ! And yet ppl pretend they are shocked? Pffff ! Come on ! Now when you hear Rihanna saying “Come here rude boy, boy boy, is you big enough? […] Buckle up; I’ma give it to ya stronger Hands up; we could go a little longer […]”

Do you really want to tell me she is talking about giving him some strong alcohol???? C’mon dude ! !

I don’t say i caution the video, because it is nothing SHOCKING to an adult ! And i insist on that, i am not talking about leaving kids in front of the vid, c’mon dude !

I love this whole little storie she is trying to tell, like makes us believe she is gangsta, loool, c’mon Keri ! But it is just my opinion, so many men have been playing ugly lyrics towards women in their videos so… yeah

You don’t like it, don’t watch. Dot !