Ok ! I HAD to share this with you ! ! Some stuff are just too good to be kept for yourself ! hahahaha

Here are the shoes i WANT ! I mean, MADLY want !

I love this ebay store, they sell as many stuff as lace front wigs, human hair, shoes, designers bags etc… DiDou’s boutique has been my fav store on the bay since i did a video a year ago about the Aphogee products for European ladies (video here)

Now the other thing i HAVE to have, don’t have to but NEED TO, loool, are these ! ! How gorgeous are they? Hum?? I know, you are all in awww ! Lool, these leather over knee thigh high heel boots are a must have for this winter… Black is a color you can’t really go wrong with, right?

I also really love these ones here, these are the ones i should receive beginning of January… So excited, these are going to help me for the second part of winter when it is not that cold outside…They look like the ones i got on my post Day 04, don’t you think? Well i mean, ankled boots type of shoes, lool. I particularly love the little detailed bow…

Now there are 2 bags, like oversize leather bags that would just be perfect to go with the shoes, any of them, as the shoes are black, accesorising with a camel/burnish red bag is going to be a hit !

Gorgeous Lady Leather Handbag in Camel

Gorgeous Lady Leather Handbag in Burnish red

Which one do you prefer? I want your help, lol, but i think the camel one has my heart 🙂