Ok so y’all know i am starting the healthy challenge with the lovely MoptopMaven right?? If you don’t know it might be time to start following me on twitter, hahahaha, right here

So yeah, i am starting a 6 months of challenge, it will all be about healthy hair, going back to healthy habits & treat our hair well, in a community of women involved in hair care… No matter natural, relaxed or texlaxed, we are all welcome, and that’s what i loved at first sight !

So i decided to go for the Ayurvedic only part, cause i know how my hair is thriving when Ayurvedic products are in the game… I plan to relax my hair in about 2 or 3 weeks, so i will def start right after that !

Here are the products i plan to use

Everything was bought in Paris, either by myself or Simsim, she often does my restock shopping…

So just to name a few items, i will use

  • Powders : shikakaï, neem, brahmi, amla + henna
  • Oils : Mahabringraj, Neem, Brahmi, Amla (for scalp mainly), Vatika coconut
  • Shampoos : bars, shikakaï
  • Conditioners : Dabur nourishing & strengthening condishes