L.A Colors have been doing nail polishes for sooo many years, and i always put them in the “medium” quality, until the day i bought it AND tried it ! (you know that type of purchase we do and never get to use until we remember we bought the item, loool)

Anyways i have lately been in love with their nail lacquers, specially because they dry fast ! ! That’s the type of woman i am : i don’t want to waste time, i have a bay girl, i have to get the house clean, go to work, do all of these stuff we call life & with my nails neat & fresh ! ! lol

So L.A. Colors gets perfect in what i need : colors are poppin’, dry fast, totally affordable to my european wallet, hahaha

With flash

Without flash

I love the fact that this nailpolish is actually having blue undertones,

makes it appear like these holograms we had when we were younger 🙂