I now love E.l.f for another reason : the FAST delivery ! It’s just a real pleasure for me to get the stuff i order in my mail box the day they SAY i’ll get it ! lol

I mainly ordered for 2 items : the makeup remover cleansing cloths

And then for this beautiful nail polish i saw on the french website, color #Lilac ! Can’t wait to wear it

The reason for the wipes is bcz as some of you might know, my friend Simsim came to celebrate New Year’s eve with me, and she was having them. So i asked if i could try one, after the NYE party… Well let me tell you, they got directly to #1 of my make up wipes ! Sooooo soft, fresh, the aloe vera they contains gets rid of all the dryness ! I used only 1 and the whole make-up was removed from my entire face !

These will get in my 2011 favorites for sure, hahahaha

Rest of the haul is just pictures, i picked up few items i saw on different reviews just so that i don’t order for 3 items, lol

Done with the E.l.f products, i just want to share couple stuff i got recently. The Maybelline watershine products are awesome

Watershine lipgloss in Caffe Latte 730

Watershine lipstick in Toffee cream

And oh wow how i LOVE these Watershine lipsticks by Gemey maybelline ! You just DON’T need any gloss on top ! You really don’t ! So you know either use the lipgloss alone, for a light coverage, or the lipstick for a complete coverage that gives the glossy effect ! Love it ! !