Fasting is not only about deprive your body of food! It is to my understanding deprive your soul of something that keeps your mind away from God. It is a self-denial by going without food for a period of time. Fasting may be total or partial — avoiding certain foods or eating smaller than normal quantities.

The regular fasting like Esther’s fast, or others we can find in the Bible, are extremely nourishing, again that’s my opinion, to our bodies. By depriving ourselves of some food or certain aliments, we force our mind to focus on something else = this something should be prayer, praising, getting closer to the Lord above.

Now i said fasting should deprive you from something that keeps your mind away from God. I have realized that lately, i have an addiction, it CAN almost be called an obsession… This is something i do, that yes keeps my mind & thoughts away from God… The so called TWITTER !
I am on this thing 24/7, morning up to bed! I shop, i tweet, i eat, i tweet, i play w/ my kid, i tweet, do my hair, i tweet !

That should not be ! As simple as that !

Sad enough, i had to go through something as painful as my mother’s current illness to realize it !

So today i decided to go on a Fast, i Will be 24hrs connected to God ! Praising, praying, worshiping, giving Him all the Glory !
I know a lot are going through the same addiction, they Will just not admit it… Pretending next sunday they’ll be at church praying ! And what if ends of Times comes now? Right now? While me @ work typing that blog? While u in bed tweeting? While u on the tube catching up vids?

I shouldnt, we shouldnt take this God we pray as a simple divinity patiently waiting for us to b done w/ our buisnesses ! He is the One deserving the 1st place, morning to bed, if not in all our acts, as we work, help, raise kids, serve, teach, try our best to live life, well in our thoughts !

That’s one of the reasons i follow ppl like Tyrese Gibson, bcz i know God placed him on my way to grow spiritually… Tyrese tweets are about 80 to 90% about God ! Praying he never goes on a Twitter fast
Ppl will unfollow me bcz i retweet a lot when tweets concern God.. Please, go ahead, unfollow me for that reason, and i Will pray even more for you !

Blessings to you & happy fast to me !