I was tagged by the beautiful & talented Lamanouchka, from  www.LaManouchka.com.

She is a very gifted woman working in favor of healthy hair care, sharing her knowledge with all women interested in growing their hair in a beautiful way…

If you are not a french speaker you can def check out her youtube channel here because her videos are not all in french, her tutorials are easy to follow…

The Tag is about the one & only thing you’d keep if you had to…


Bantu knot out

Natural product


Industrial product

Keracare humecto conditioner

Hair salon

My bathroom ! lol

Hair period

Retro of the 30’s…woooh !



Favorite hair accessory


2010 trend

Short hair

Hair color

My auburn reflects from the Henna glosses

Tip for beautiful hair

Hot oil treatments

Bad haired people that have impressed you

Cassie & her half shaved head ! Uuurkk !