Wow i have been terrible with the blog lately right?? I will try my best to fix that 🙂

Now first thanks to you all that are following & subscribed to the blog, that is AMAZING for me, and i mean every letter in this word.

I have been living a very hectic life lately, so whenever i get the time to record a video, i try to record 4 or 5 same time so that i can post them every week, but still…

My mother came to France last week for about 10 days, that was a blessed moment, i went to Paris & spent the weekend with my aunties, mother, brother, my sister, cousins, it was… A BLESSING ! A  true blessing.

Now the thing is life can get so hectic from time to time ! I work, i have my baby girl, i am sick, i see my friends, i take care of my baby, i work, i pay the bills, i prepare my trip, i try my best to handle all that … I think the worst part of it is sickness ! If you don’t have health, you have nothing.

I know i already won this fight in Jesus name, so i don’t bother. It just gets exhausting.

Now for those of you that are asking me where i am at with my hair journey, here is my latest video update on this topic ! Thanks a bunch for the support & constant love