Ok i am not a falsies freak, but over the past year, i realized i collected quite a few of them… and they were all over in my make-up stash, different places & couldn’t find a decent place where to go all in once…

The boxes can all be different in sizes & design and i really don’t care ! lol, i just want to get my hands on them whenever i need them.

So the other day i figured i give another life to one of my fav little organiser boxes, the type you in US would fing at the dollar store, or in UK at the Poundland, here it is called 2euros-Store 🙂 So many great finds in that type of little shop, that sum ppl despise (shame on ’em, lol, they never got hard issues in life, lmao)

Ok back to our business, here is what it looks like now and how i keep it on my make-up station

I love the fact that i know where all is now, and right on top of my table makes it easier when ever i am doing a make-up tut. Now tell me how do YOU store your lashes?

Falsies ares a wonderful way to enhance your eyes and i love them for that, but i have to admit that i am a real mascara freak…hold on there ! That’s gonna be another post 🙂