Here is my new creation inspired by the lovely BargainPrincess on Youtube.

I used China Glaze, SLEEK and L.A Colors, here are the pictures, hopefully you’ll like it as much as i do 🙂

I started applying two coats of the SLEEK Florida nail polish, let it dry about 3 to 4 mns, then went on with defining some random blocks with the green by China Glaze. I know it must be appearing blue here, but it is a green, lol. I added about 2 coats, then i followed with 2 coats of the flashy pink from China Glaze also.

When it was all dry, i just finished by applying the white from L.A Colors to separate the blocks.

Finishing layer was a clear coat of Seche Vite, the best finishing top coat EVERRRR ! lol


Thanks to all of my new & former readers, much love !

Nu 🙂