Ok now to the review.

I am using Bourjois’ water based liptint in Cyber Cassis, along with the Sephora Ultra shine lipgloss in n°28.

What i like about this liptint is its intense pigmentation. You def can layer it on to reach the intensity you want.Make sure you wait about 10 to 15 sec between each layer.

Now pay attention, it is a TRUE liptint : meaning it almost stains your lips !

Lol, you keep the cassis tint on for the WHOLE DAY,

which makes it easy to just go on & throw on a clear lipgloss or like this one i use, a purple one.

PROS : very good pigmentation, last on more than 8hrs, good price (4euros local BSS),

light due to the water base formula, applicator sponge, cute designe

CONS : Several layers are needed to reach a deep intensity, Last maybe TOO long (yeah we never satisfied, lol)

NOTE : 4.5/5